How well is my area beating coronavirus?

Are we doing better or worse compared to other areas?  Easy-to-understand charts comparing doubling times, fatality rates and per capita measurements.

Where do I start?

▶︎ Show me charts!

Clicking on the charts will show you more details. Start with the USA overview here.

▶︎ Will I see politics on this site?

No, zero politics. Our mission is simply to make the numbers fast and easy to see and understand. Why? To empower you to make knowledgeable decisions.

▶︎ Tip #1

Scrolling down the page on mobile devices can be tricky - keep your finger at the very right-hand edge of your screen when you pull down. It will scroll!

▶︎ Tip #2

Try turning your mobile device sideways, in landscape mode, it may make the charts easier to see so they aren't bunched up.

▶︎ Tip #3

Some pages have 4 or 5 charts, keep scrolling down!

▶︎ Who are you?

See the "about us" page.

▶︎ Where do you get your data?

Our data comes from the New York Times data project.

▶︎ How do you calculate things?

How we do our math is detailed at the page here.

▶︎ Tip #4

Every chart on this site can be downloaded as an image (on your mobile device even!) or... Download the raw data into your favorite spreadsheet program! Just look for the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of each chart.

▶︎ Can I help?

Yes! If you like the site, please feel free to share it and bookmark it. That said, this pandemic can be overwhelming - looking at charts regularly may not be helpful for you and that is ok, give yourself extra time and care. If you see anything broken or that could be better on the site, please contact us. Financially we're we're trying to cover expenses with advertising but we're not breaking even. So we might add a GoFundMe? More to follow.

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Coronavirus data currently sourced exclusively from New York Times's database

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