Who are you? Why did you make this site?

We were unsatisfied with charts available - too complicated - lines everywhere! We just wanted to see if our local areas was doing better (or worse) compared to other areas. Thus this site was born!

▶︎ Easy-to-understand charts

When we can easily see if we're doing better (or worse), we have more confidence to make better decisions. Our hope is this will help us get thru this faster, more successfully. Can a good chart really help turn the tide? Yes, we think so! For example:

You know your area is currently not doing as good as the neighbouring country - maybe you wouldn't have washed your hands if you were thinking of just yourself - but now you're on a team!  Your local county/province team! You don't want to lose and let the other county beat you, do you?  So you take that one extra step and wash them yet again! Sometimes all we need is one extra little push to help us keep going. Or maybe we see our area is winning! Maybe this helps push us to take that extra step to stop sitting at home and instead start helping brainstorm how to open things up even safer and faster?  Read more below under, "gamification."  

▶︎ Gamification

Gamification is when we leverage our natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement into a game-like format. It may sound unusual to apply this to a pandemic but since it's useful to stay informed on how our local areas are doing and since seeing raw counts of cases and deaths is demoralizing, it's easier on the senses (and actually more helpful) to see information normalized across local regions and displayed in a "gamified" layout: Los Angeles county versus San Diego County. Middlesex county versus Philadelphia county.

Since launching this site, we've learned of other people using gamification to help motivate us in good ways such as Zenly by Antoine Martin, Foldit by Brian Koepnick and this article by Brian Burke.

▶︎ Who are you?

Hi! I'm Geoff Millikan, my team and I designed and coded this site for you by hand. Professionally, I work in big data, data architecture, finance and business intelligence. I help simplify and bring order to big, complicated sets of information. My background is in electronic payments, telecommunications (my company, T1 Shopper, Inc. is the corporate umbrella under which this site operates), web design and plant biotechnology.  

I am not a scientist, medical doctor, infectious disease professional, virologist nor economist. I used to be a scientist so I'm familiar with Good Laboratory Practices, experimental design, can pour agar plates in my sleep and pipette like a boss but I am not a scientist nor have earned a PhD.

Because I'm not qualified, this site does not have any position on topics like the financial or public health impact of sheltering-in-place, how or when to open things up, etc. The role of this site is to make the numbers fast and easy to see and understand.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter at @gmillikan, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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