Where do you get this data?

Our data is from the amazing group of reporters and volunteers at the New York Times who personally visit each of the 2,500+ county & state websites, cutting-and-pasting the COVID19 metrics into a central repository.  Thankfully, the New York Times decided to license this data as publicly available, free of charge, as a service to the people of the United States. Without the New York Times leadership and goodwill, this site would not be possible.  If you love this site, sign up for a NY Times membership (free and paid options available) at their site at the link here.

What other data do you use?

▶︎ Population counts?

USA county and state population numbers are from the latest forecasts (July 1, 2019) published by Census.gov at the link here.

▶︎ How do you do your math?

Our formulas and math are on the page here.

▶︎ NY Times technical notes

Please see the NY Times technical notes, especially how probable cases are defined, at the link here.

▶︎ How do you do all this?

Check out our technology and partners at the link here.

▶︎ Accuracy?

Humans from the New York Times are manually copying and pasting metrics from about 2,500 websites so... Expect some errors. And even the counties themselves sometimes republish or correct numbers after they've already been published. So no, the numbers are not perfect, but they're the best available.

▶︎ Timing?

The New York Times publishes new data (with metrics from the prior day) daily at about noon Eastern. This means the numbers here are about 18 hours behind the "real time" numbers available from your local health office.

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Coronavirus data currently sourced exclusively from New York Times's database

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