How do you deliver all these charts?

Thankfully, with kind help from colleagues, friends and family who tested and gave feedback as well as the below technology partners.

Who do you work with?

Cloudflare Logo

This site would not be possible without Cloudflare's ® amazing services making it faster, safer, and smarter. We partner with Cloudflare for a long list of services including domain name service (they have one of the fastest DNS resolution times in the industry), SSL certificates, SSL optimized delivery, content delivery network, proxy caching, additional web page compression (using the cool brotli compression), DDoS protection, stopping malicious bot abuse and more. If your website isn't with Cloudflare, you're missing out. We cannot recommend their services enough.

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Almost all the data on this site comes from the amazing group of reporters and volunteers at the New York Times who personally visit each of the 2,500+ county & state websites, cutting-and-pasting the COVID19 metrics into a central repository.  Thankfully, the New York Times decided to license this data as publicly available, free of charge, as a service to the people of the United States. Without the New York Times leadership and goodwill, this site would not be possible.  If you love this site, sign up for a NY Times membership (free and paid options available) at their site at the link here.

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All web developer coding time, networking equipment, web servers and database hardware are provided by T1 Shopper. T1 Shopper, Inc. is the legal corporate entity under which this site operates.

Open Source Logo

This site would not exist without all the people who made the open source software running this site including the CentOS operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database, PHP coding language, the W3C web standards group and many more - all the way down to the text you're reading now which is from the HTML5 Boilerplate site by Rob Larsen.

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Colocation and bandwidth provided by CoreSite (NYSE:COR).

Fusioncharts Logo

Charting software was provided at a financial discount to help us get up and running by Fusioncharts.

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Coronavirus data currently sourced exclusively from New York Times's database

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